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Current Business


Room VS125
School of Architecture, Victoria University of Wellington, Wellington
Saturday 7 July 2018, 11.30 a.m. - 1.30 p.m.

If you are unable to attend the AGM, please forward apologies via email to the Secretary, Janina Gosseye at


Changes to SAHANZ website

The committee has approved some significant changes to the SAHANZ website. For some years the site has been ably managed and maintained by Robin Skinner. However, the HTML platform upon which it is built has caused some issues (relatively high hosting costs, difficulty for anyone other than Robin to make changes, lack of 'responsiveness' across different kinds of mobile devices, lack of ability to automatically plug in social media feeds, etc). Therefore the committee has taken the decision to move to a Wordpress-based site, which will be relatively user-friendly and able to be updated and managed by various committee members, will reduce the hosting fees, and will increase the possibility of adding new or different functionality in future (for example, hosting past SAHANZ proceedings, member self-management, hosting of conference sites within the SAHANZ site etc - as the Society may decide).

The move from the current to the new website is proceeding with Robin's blessing, however he does not wish to continue in a web-manager role. The technical aspects of the move will therefore be provided by Melbourne-based professional web consultant Peter Johns, who has experience in hosting and managing other architecture-related not-for-profit websites including the Association of Australasian Schools of Architecture and Parlour. We plan that the new SAHANZ site will be live by the July AGM. The committee would like to express our sincere thanks to Robin Skinner for his years of dedicated service maintaining the website.

Proposed designated web and social media manager role

The website is the Society's most important central repository and 'front door'. It is an essential tool in furthering the society's goals. Given this significance, the committee feels it is necessary to have a designated role, on the committee, for a web and social media manager. Therefore we are calling for nominations for this role prior to the AGM. Those wishing to express interest in this role should mail the secretary, Janina Gosseye at by 1 June.

Change to email list

The SAHANZ email list, which has been generously hosted by UQ for some years, presents considerable problems with list management as only UQ staff can access the list and request changes. Therefore, the committee has decided to move to MailChimp as our email and list management tool. Members do not need to do anything. All current names on the SAHANZ list have been added to the MailChimp account, and new people can sign up here. There also will be a link to sign up on the new website. The committee wishes to thank Justine Clark for assistance with the MailChimp migration, and thank UQ for hosting the SAHANZ list for so long.

Raised membership fee

The SAHANZ full membership fee has not increased in recent memory. The committee proposes, first, that the fee be reviewed as a matter of course every two years by the incoming committee and, second, that it be increased for the next conference in Wellington, from $90 to $110. The concessional rate of $60 will remain unchanged. The increased revenue will be expended in two ways: the changes to the website and email communications as noted above, and in an increase to the annual Saunders Grant.

Raise in the David Saunders Founder's Grant

As above, it is proposed to raise the annual Saunders Grant from $2000 to $3000. This reflects increases in the real cost of undertaking research-related travel and fieldwork. The committee intends that the Saunders Grant should continue to support emerging researchers, original and significant research projects, and that it should heighten the visibility and effect of architectural history research in Australasia. The committee also notes that the long-term viability of the Saunders Grant is an open question - the fund from which it is drawn will run out in approximately five years. Options for the long term maintenance and financial viability of the Saunders Grant are being actively investigated by the committee.

Changes to the collection of copyright royalties

For the past few years, and on the initiative of an earlier Executive, SAHANZ has been collecting a small amount of 'royalty' money via the Australian Copyright Agency for the external use and reproduction of papers published in our annual SAHANZ proceedings. The money is collected by the agency from Australian universities and institutions that pay to use materials protected under copyright law, which the agency distributes to publishers and copyright holders. (We understand that this usage is measured by online analytics and photocopier surveys). Note that this money has always been collected, it has simply not previously been claimed (by SAHANZ, or by individual authors who no doubt didn't know it existed).

Recently it became clear to the Executive that, since the society does not own the copyright of the papers published in the annual proceedings, we are obliged to pass on the money received to the numerous copyright holders themselves - that is, the individual authors of the papers. In most cases we are able to identify the relevant author(s), even though some of the payments have been received for works published as far back as the 1980s. Ultimately, this raises the questions of how the Society retrospectively repays this money to its members, and, looking forward, whether or not the Society should continue to accept these payments, and take on the significant administrative responsibility for the on-going distribution of numerous, often very small amounts. The Executive has sought legal advice from a specialist copyright lawyer, and thereby come to the following solutions, which have been approved by the committee:

  • For future conferences, a clause will be added that requires the copyright owner to waive their claim to any copyright money that is received by SAHANZ for the publication. Note: there is no change to actual copyright ownership which remains with individual authors.
  • Since authors retain copyright, they are free to republish elsewhere - and anywhere they wish to.
  • The copyright money re-collected by SAHANZ is only that gathered in Australia: authors are still free to claim this money from elsewhere in the world through their own volition.
  • Regarding our ongoing collection of payments for papers published in 2016 and earlier, a notice will be added to the website offering an explanation and limitation on claims for repayment.
  • For our known retrospective debts, the executive will make contact with copyright holders, and request permission for the Society to retain the money, for the pursuit of the common good of the Society and pursuit of its aims. If this request is declined, we will pay the author the monies owed.
  • Each of these clauses, notices and letters have been drafted by the copyright lawyer, and are now in effect.

SAHANZ session at this year's SAH conference

The call for proposals for the SAHANZ-sponsored session at the 2019 SAH conference in Providence, Rhode Island, did not attract any proposals. Rather than let the opportunity be wasted, the committee decided to support a late proposal, which had not been earlier submitted or considered, by Janina Gosseye and Philip Goad. This proposal was accepted by SAH and will take place in 2019. Click here for the cfp.

The committee looks forward to seeing all members at the 2018 conference in Wellington, in July.

With best wishes,
Professor Naomi Stead
President, SAHANZ

Earlier notice on copyright fees on conference papers

In furtherance of the Society's objectives it has regularly published papers presented by speakers at conferences organised by the Society prior to 2017. In some cases, copying of those papers by third parties (for example, in library collections) has generated a royalty or licence fee that has been paid to the Society as the publisher of the paper. The Society does not have records or the resources necessary to locate all past presenters that might be entitled to receive a royalty or licence fee in respect of copies made of their paper. If you believe you may be entitled to a royalty or licence fee please contact the Society by writing to the current treasurer so the Society can use reasonable efforts to determine from its available records whether it can identify any royalty or licence fee payable to you.

If you believe you may be entitled to a royalty or licence fee for a paper presented at a Society-sponsored conference prior to 2017, please let us know by July 31st, 2018. All unclaimed past royalties and licence fees (and all future royalties and licence fees) will be used by the Society in furtherance of its not-for-profit objectives.

Please communicate by 31 July 2018 with the SAHANZ Treasurer, Ashley Paine.

Current Officers

Naomi Stead (Monash University)
Janina Gosseye (University of Queensland)
Ashley Paine (University of Queensland)

Committee members
Bill McKay (University of Auckland)
John Ting (University of Canberra)
Amit Srivastava (University of Adelaide)
Nigel Westbrook (University of Western Australia)

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