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Photo by David Walker/Stuff

Christchurch Cathedral, 2017
Photo by David Walker/Stuff

  Photo by David Walker/Stuff

Christchurch Cathedral to be restored
Photo by David Walker/Stuff

  Miles Warren scheme

Returning to Geo Gilbert Scott's
original unbuilt 1862 scheme.
Sir Miles Warren's cathedral design

  Miles Warren scheme

Geo Gilbert Scott's
original unbuilt 1862 scheme
showing its timber structure.
Christchurch Anglican Diocesan Archives.



Christchurch Town Hall
Warren & Mahoney, 1972
Restoration approved
11 June 2015

  Photo by David Wethey

Roman Catholic Cathedral, February 2011.
Photo by David Wethey NZPA

  Photo by Geoff Thomas

Canterbury Provincial Chambers.
Photo by Dr Geoff Thomas, March 2011



  B.W. Mountfort, Canterbury Provincial Chambers, 1865, interior looking south, prior to the Christchurch Earthquake of February 2011

...after the earthquake of 22 February 2011


The official Christchurch Recovery Plan (archived link)
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Safety and Preparedness
Be Prepared for Natural Hazards, from EQC (NZ), Click here
Area Vibes: Earthquake Safety Guide (USA), Click here

Canterbury Heritage Awards
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The Festival of Transitional Architecture (FESTA) 21-24 October 2016
The annual event exploring urban regeneration and revitalisation in Christchurch.
FESTA 2018 website, 2016 programme, 2014 programme, CityUps +

News Updates
The Rebuild - news updates, Press
Oliver Lewis, Clock Tower restoration takes out top prize at Canterbury Heritage Awards Press 16 June 2018
Christie Watson, Old to new buildings form the fabric of Canterbury heritage Press 2 June 2018
Liz McDonald, 'Labour of love' saves heritage convent for family charity Press 25 May 2018
Liz McDonald, Awards for 'sophisticated, painstaking' work on Christchurch Arts Centre Press 14 November 2017
Liz McDonald, Rescue group wants to buy Christchurch's McLean's Mansion for $1 Press 14 August 2017
Will Harvie, Five years on, architects of Christchurch rebuild blueprint stand by their plan Press 13 August 2017
Liz McDonald, Dramatic changes unveiled will reshape Christchurch's Cathedral Square Press 31 July 2017
Liz McDonald, New occupants needed for rescued Christchurch heritage buildings Press 10 July 2017
'Mona Vale Gatehouse restoration revealed', Press 26 May 2017
'Work starts on rescue of historic Christchurch convent and chapel', Press 30 April 2017
'Christchurch's emerging precincts show vibrant CBD on horizon', Press 28 April 2017
'Inside Englefield: Owner dreams of restoring ruined Christchurch lodge', Press 12 October 2016
UCSA 'concrete jungle' building to be fully demolished Press 2 October 2016
'Edmonds band rotunda rebuild to cost $1.2m', Press 29 August 2016
'Christchurch City Council looks at more 'cost effective' ways to repair Old Municipal Chambers', Press 14 August 2016
'Public Trust Office building faces demolition after removal from heritage list', Press 15 July 2016
'Crowd watches as Christchurch's Bridge of Remembrance reopens', Press 25 April 2016
'Have the anchor projects anchored Christchurch's central city?', Press 20 February 2016
'Arts Centre boss Andre Lovatt to lead Regenerate Christchurch', Press 4 December 2015
'Christchurch's official earthquake memorial a "polarising close second"', Press 25 June 2015
'Christchurch Convention Centre location a "mistake"', Press 21 April 2015
'$108m needed to restore earthquake-damaged Canterbury Provincial Chambers', Press 21 April 2015
'Christchurch's new $85m library unveiled', Press 26 March 2015
Thoughts on a memorial, Press 15 March 2015
'Cantabrians mark fourth anniversary of deadly quake', Press 22 February 2015
'The Trapped: Where are they now?', Press 21 February 2015
'1240 central Christchurch buildings demolished', Press 20 February 2015
'Historic buildings threatened by demolition', Press 27 January 2015
'$50m complex at McKenzie and Willis site', Press 11 December 2014
'Replica of The Press building planned', Press 20 November 2014

Christ Church Cathedral (Anglican)
Joe Bennett, Truth revealed in Cathedral Square's pile of stones Press 18 April 2018
Charlie Gates, Rebuild minister wants Christ Church Cathedral cleaned up next week Press 18 April 2018
Joel Ineson, 'Good luck with that': Departing Bishop criticises cathedral restoration in swansong sermon Press 16 April 2018
Michael Hayward, Submissions open for Christ Church Cathedral Reinstatement Bill Press 7 December 2017
Charlie Gates, New Christ Church Cathedral spire could be modern, clean-up coming - restoration boss Press 28 November 2017
Charlie Gates, Christchurch Cathedral is to be restored Press 9 September 2017
Charlie Gates, Anglicans about to start voting on cathedral Press 9 September 2017
Christ Church Cathedral vote: history will be made today Press 9 September 2017
Lorraine North, Restored Christ Church Cathedral could anchor a bustling European style market square Press 8 September 2017
Charlie Gates, Anglicans will 'write history' on Christ Church Cathedral's fate: Bishop Press 8 September 2017
Charlie Gates, Synod members may be leaning toward Cathedral restoration, sources say Press 4 September 2017
Liz McDonald, Adventurous plan would keep Christ Church Cathedral a ruin surrounded by reflective pool Press 20 August 2017
Liz McDonald, A chance for the Christchurch public to think inside their Square Press 19 August 2017
Anglican synod to consider gifting Christ Church Cathedral to the people of NZ Press 14 August 2017
Mark Aitcheson, The powerful symbolism of an unfinished Christ Church Cathedral, heritage campaigners say Press 14 August 2017
Editorial: Scrap over costs for Christ Church Cathedral spills into General Election Press 3 August 2017
Charlie Gates, Anglican synod given out-dated information on Christ Church Cathedral, heritage campaigners say Press 7 July 2017
Nick Truebridge and Michael Wright, Government offers new deal to break Christ Church Cathedral deadlock Press 4 July 2017
Charlie Gates, Christchurch Mayor 'blindsided' by synod cathedral decision Press 22 June 2017
Brian Law, Rebuild the Christ Church Cathedral with modern materials to make it sound sweeter Press 19 June 2017
Charlie Gates, Lost the plot? These 19 questions will get you up to speed on the Christ Church Cathedral saga Press 27 May 2017
Victoria Matthews, Bishop Victoria Matthews: Three more months to wait for Cathedral decision not excessive Press 25 May 2017
Charlie Gates, Christ Church Cathedral survey 'misleading', says restoration campaigner Press 19 April 2017
Charlie Gates, Cathedral working group investigating how to restore historic Christchurch building Press 9 September 2016
Charlie Gates, Christ Church Cathedral plans announcement due soon Press 29 April 2016
Lois Cairns, Fresh damage to Christ Church Cathedral to be assessed Press 15 February 2016
Anglican Church to consider reinstating Christ Church Cathedral Press 23 December 2015
Christ Church Cathedral: why all the fuss? Press 23 December 2015
Liz McDonald and Lois Cairns, Call for action on wrecked Cathedral Square Press 26 September 2015
Tina Law, Christ Church Cathedral a "symbol of negativity" Press 30 June 2015
Rebuilding is 'not a compromise' - Anderton Press 18 March 2015
Sir Miles Warren design may break four-year Christ Church Cathedral deadlock Press 18 March 2015
Sir Miles Warren's scheme Press 12 September 2014
Court paves way for cathedral demolition Press 30 May 2014
Retaining look of cathedral favoured Press 16 April 2014
Hope for honest compromise over cathedral Press 8 February 2014
NZHPT offers to mediate Press 10 January 2014
Supreme Court rejects appeal to preserve the cathedral Press 2 December 2013
Church historian, Colin Brown on the cathedral designs Press 17 September 2013
Church favours modern design Press 10 September 2013, Divided Opinions Press 4 April 2013
Sir Miles Warren scheme Press 14 March 2013, Cathedral Conversations, CERA File
Cathedral condemned Press 2 March 2012

Christchurch Town Hall restoration
Nick Truebridge, 'Revised total rebuild cost for Christchurch Town Hall and orchestra building not yet known' Press 26 October 2017
Nick Truebridge, 'No Christchurch Town Hall shows until 2019 as construction 'challenges' push out completion date' Press 7 August 2017
Charlie Gates 'Christchurch Town Hall restoration contract signed' Press 9 July 2015
Lois Cairn and Tina Lall, Christchurch Town Hall $127.5m restoration approved Press 11 June 2015
Work could start soon on restoring the Christchurch Town Hall Press 8 June 2015
Not a priority Press 16 July 2014
Restoration on hold Press 9 July 2014
To be restored Press 29 August 2013
TV3 video, Press video

Christchurch Dilemmas
Films and conversations.

Christchurch CBD Rebuild video 2014
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Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament
Michael Wright, 'Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament $45m four-year revamp' Press 28 May 2015,
Decision months away (2012), Jane Bowron opinion (2012), video (2011)

Canterbury Provincial Chambers.
Lois Cairns, $108m needed to restore earthquake-damaged Canterbury Provincial Chambers Press 21 April 2015, ICOMOS New Zealand report, World Monuments Fund Watch List nomination

Retrospective street views now available on Google Earth, Press 24 April 2014

Peter Marshall on new Christchurch
'Future Chch: Mini-Melbourne or maxi-Ashburton?', Press 31 May 2014

Peter Robb on new Christchurch
'Total rebuild', Sydney Morning Herald 22 March 2014

The Transitional Cardboard Cathedral by Shigeru Ban
Homepage; archdaily (24 Aug 2013)

Gap Filler regeneration activities
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Songs for Christchurch CD
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LuxCity 2012
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Di Lucas on the lost rivers of Christchurch
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Lost Christchurch
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Rebuilding Christchurch
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Living in Vacant Spaces
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High Street Stories
Website on the central city precinct

The CEISMIC Canterbury Earthquake Digital Archive from the University of Canterbury
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Canterbury Earthquake Heritage Demolition Listings
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Rebuild (the future) Christchurch Website
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See also the Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga website